Value I Provide

Content Creation

I coach Pastors how to create content by digging the gold out of them and packaging the larger message/teaching into bite-size portions of media for their following to absorb. I teach each ministry department to do the same to effectively reach who they are called to.

Native Media Channels

Pastors and ministries should not be on every media channel. They should only be on those platforms that their target audience already hangs out on and create content designed specifically for that audience and the channels that apply.

Specialized Contacts.

Over the years I have developed relationships with some of the most gifted media and graphic creators within South Africa. Their customer profiles are second to none and they have created unique and world class brands for every pastor and ministry we have worked with together.

Business Development

I believe every gift and revelation is given to the minister for him to make a way for him through finances. Therefore, every platform that I help build can be extended and developed to have a business growth plan attached to it.

Manuscript Development.

I have developed a process to produce a book manuscript for final processing by a book editor while we produce a pastors other content. Once a series is properly talked through, the book is written!

Goalscaping Dev

Using one of the leading goal management software programs I am able to identify and assess the goals for a platform as well as track it’s progress. I do this so meticulous attention can be given to detailed goal management ensuring the platforms success.

Online Course Dev

With many successful course developments and launches under my belt, I believe with the correct content strategies and the needed commitment from the Pastor, we can develop and launch a new course every 6 months, without any extra effort or time invested than time in my program.

Project Management

With such a large team around me helping fulfill the Pastors vision and goals, it made sense for me to run each project that we are working on. This is effective because my team understands my style of coaching, objectives and adhere to the international standards that my clients expect of us.

My Team

Chris Fourie

Chris is my personal videographer and has filmed on 6 of the seven continents. He shoots ads for hotels, tells great wedding stories visually,  shot footage in the deepest parts of the Congo, filmed Richard Branson and has jumped lava rivers to get the best angle for a shot. I have been working with Chris for years and trust nobody else to produce the quality content I need to achieve the goals I set for the pastors and ministries I work for.

Kirstin Schorn
Graphic Design

Kirstin is simply the best graphic designer to fit my business. She’s hasn’t only been working on my own personal brand for years, but I have entrusted all the graphic projects we have been working on for Pastors and ministries to her and she has delivered international quality work every time.  Her work is world class and every Pastor has loved her from the second they met her.

Monique Gouws

Monique is my personal photographer and have entrusted her with my image for years. She has one of the best eyes for the perfect shot and takes amazing pictures and makes them even more amazing after the shoot. Pastors we’ve worked with have been elated with the results every time. Monique delivers great quality portfolio pictures and they deliver great in the media content our team creates.

Ronnie May Magic
Print and Publishing

Ronnie is a very close associate of mine and she’s my personal printer. She prints my business cards, coaching and training material, supplies my conference needs and prints my books. Her attention to details and expectancy of the utmost audibility has allowed us as a team to deliver great marketing material to all Pastors we work with.

Len du Randt
App Developer

Len have developed my own app and understands me and my customers needs to communicate directly to our followers, connect with them and give them value through our content.

Aamir Ali
Web Developer

Aamir is an excellent developer and his attention to detail is immaculate. He always goes way over what is expected of him and he is an integral part of my team when it comes to marrying brand identity and the excellence necessary to establish an international brand online.

Darren Harris
Intranet Developer

Darren allows International Churches to manage their internal communication, workflow, training and member and relationship management.

Is there a Return on Investment for a Ministry?

How Quickly a Ministry Starts Making Money

In one specific case study with a ministry client, we spend 30% time within the contract on providing value to and building an audience when we started to make money and the Pastor saw a return on the ministries investment into the #MinistryMediaMastery program.

Time Spent on Preparing the Content for Production

Within this specific case study the client spent 2 months in intense preparation drawing from 2 different published books to create media content from. That’s 16% of time within the contract spent on preparation only.

Visibility & Influence for Pastors Utilizing Media

Utilizing Media 15%
Utilizing Media Correctly 35%
Utilizing Media within the #MinistryMediaMastery Program 70%
Utilizing Media with the #MinistryMediaMastery program for 6 months > 90%

How Effective Churches are with or without a Coach

Millennials Participating in Online Faith Discussions
Online Media Most Effective Method of Outreach
Churches Broadcasting Sermons Online and Have Podcasts
Increase your Visibility with a Media Coach
Development in a 6 Month Program

Percentage Visibility

Follower Growth

Viewer Increase

Sales Increase



Ivin is my personal media coach. Since Ivin Viljoen started coaching the various departments within my ministry we have experienced a tremendous improvement in visibility and communication of our values in all departments. My personal platform consisted of only one media channel, but it has since grown to eight different channel on which I can effectively communicate. He is very easy to work with as he has a very good understanding of what is required for a ministry platform.

Rev. Carl Hendricks
Senior Pastor, Crystal Church
japie la poorta

I am fortunate to have Ivin as my personal media coach, to empower me with reference to various media platforms. Since my involvement with Ivin my understanding of social media and the usage thereof have significantly grown. It has also led to major improvement in my communication skills and the prompt response to messages.

Japie la Poorta
Deputy President, Apostolic Faith Mission

I’ve had the privilege of seeing Ivin live in action, coaching Pastors on communicating their value and reaching those they are called to. Ivin is extremely knowledgeable on various media platforms with which pastors can connect better with their audience.

Chris Fourie
Director, Night Owl Media

Ivin has great wisdom and expertise and helped me to broaden my content to a global audience. His experience and insight was invaluable to the creation and execution of my platform. I highly recommend him to the global audience. He is social media genius.

Dr. Frank A Thomas

Ivin has given me amazing input into my online media channels. In the beginning, when he told me how my platforms could grow, I was a bit skeptical, as I didn’t notice instant growth. However, after time has passed and I remained consistent with the process he taught me, I slowly  started seeing great results coming through. I appreciate his wisdom and support in getting me to have close to hundred shares and thousands of views on my content.

Xavier Zakes Hendricks
Founder and Pastor, The Factory

Every Pastor needs that one person that makes time to bring out the creativity in you; Ivin Viljoen is that one person. I can confidently recommend him. I can never go back to the ordinary.

Ps. Oral T. Whittaker
Pastor, Rivers of Hope Ministries
Mark & Cora Hodgetta

Ivin Viljoen has been known to us for many years and is a highly skilled, well qualified media coach with exceptional expertise, dealing with integrity, highly dependable, extremely pleasant to work with and has a heart for the Kingdom of God. After he became our coach, we realised that he is one of the “best kept secrets in the land”!

Mark & Cora Hodgetts
Hodgetts, Hodgetts