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5 Ministry Platforms Every Pastor Should Be On To Be Effective – Soundcloud

Instant Audience

Soundcloud is the best platform for Pastors to be on. Why do I say that?

The best way for you to reach you audience, is to use as much mobile ability as you can. Soundcloud gives you this ability. For instance, when you are ministering in a church, on a book tour or speaking at a conference you have the ability to ask the audience, to download the Soundcloud App and follow you.

This is what we call instant audience.

If you are a Pastor or a ministry I want to encourage you to do this.

This is great when coupling it with a banner, have a banner made and include all your social media title, a hashtag (every pastor should have a # that is unique to them and summarizes their value proposition) a nice picture of you standing and all your social media icons on there, with a call to action, and carry this banner around with you when you travel to speaking engagements and the such. You don’t have to put it right in front of the pulpit, with you but you can put it in the lobby etc this is a great way to gain visibility.

Direct Communication Channel

What this does is allow you to build a direct communication channel? Every time you speak or preach and ask people to download the Soundcloud App and follow you gain a bigger notoriety. and when you upload a message to Soundcloud (another great thing, because you might record it view your mobile phone wherever you are, whenever you get that inkling to preach a certain message) all those followers receive an instant notification and a large number of them will press play and listen to your message. You get instant influence. your audience grows.

Interesting Content

Now, because your reach and audience is growing you will want to make sure that your podcast is very, very interesting from the start. You should structure it like this: a great title that hooks, a swelling introduction of yourself and the message, the message itself and then a winning conclusion (with a call to action).

Giving the value upfront (going through the points of the sermon) allows for you to hook the readers ears, people say ‘Ok, that’s interesting I want to listen further..’

Bite-Size Pieces

Another thing i want to encourage you to do, is to break your message up into bite size pieces. Unless, you’re Smith Wigglesworth posting your whole message will not work for you. Your message should be around 12 minutes long.

How Do I Engineer A Podcast So It’s Professional?

  1. Get an intro for your podcast. a little jingle or something – that introduces you.
  2. Get an outro for your podcast – a little jingle or something that wraps things up nicely.

These things help with brand identity. these things help with connecting the audio material to something visual.

a proper profile picture

have a banner – this is important on desktop and on mobile. Make sure the banners consistent on all your platforms.

  1. fill in your bio properly
  2. fill in your website link
  3. follow some people on Soundcloud that influence you. and your peers. later on you can get collaborations.

How Long Does It Take For Me To Start Gathering A Sizeable Audience.

You must remember the first principle here is consistency. The general estimate, is that you’re really going to start breaking through when you’ve hit between 80-100 episodes. And not only being consistent in the delivery of these podcasts, but the value as well. Be consistent in keeping within the time frames for each podcast. And don’t give up on no 80 or 865. The number varies with each person, but there’s some people who have to do more than other people, the trick is to just keep going – be persistent.

Sharing and Collaborations

The great thing about a podcast is, that you can share it and create great exposure. you can download it and share it on your website. You can share it via the app to a friend pastor, of yours and the two of you could have a collaboration. You can also create playlists from your tracks. Or the other pastor you’re having a collaboration with, can add it to their playlist.

These concepts can also be used within business practices.

Over to You?

Do you have a podcast? i’d love to hear about it. Do you have any questions about your podcast, on how to make it better?


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