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8 Admin and Time-Management Ministry Challenges that Software Solves

Managing a ministry can be time consuming – Jesus had only three years to achieve His mission here on earth,so He had to manage His time very effectively. Below, I take you through eight ways where ministry software can automate and free up a lot of your time, both in people management and administrative tasks.

Ministry Rosters

Our software enables us to manage ministry departments more effectively through obtaining the members availability, preferences, leave and then use that information to automatically generate ministry rosters, saving a huge amount of time moving back and forth.


We are aware that finances need to have accountability and therefore our software allows for the recording of information like income and expenditure, and the providing of accurate reports. Different kinds of information can be managed through different levels of access.

Our budget feature allows for submission of annual departmental budgets which could be matched with a master budget, allowing our system to immediately pick up irregularities.

Relationship Management

With large number of people, it is imperative to use software to keep in touch with them. With member details already in the system, it allows you to communicate congratulations for events like anniversaries and birthdays from the church, via email or SMS, affirming the care for the flock. News and notices can easily be distributed, and categorization of different ministries allows for targeted communication and content management enables you to relay targeted information.

Document Management

Effective management of information on sensitive documents is important, especially to limit access to financial records or minutes of executive meetings. Important documents may get lost or fall into the wrong hands, so a cloud based storage system provides a solution for document security and backups with easy and restricted access.

Learner Management

It’s important for a ministry to equip their members; therefore, most churches have courses or diploma programs running. Our learner management system allows for you to track which members have completed which courses.


As membership grows into large numbers, it becomes helpful to be able to manage their care. Pastors or Area Managers can effectively influence and communicate with the people in their ministry zone. All communication with members as well as visitor is recorded and reported on, enabling more effective people management.

Satellite Campuses.

Having all campuses using one centralized database, not only enables ministries to report on all data, but helps all campuses to manage data the same way. Our software allows us to set rights for and access information relevant to a specific satellite.

We are also able to manage ministries on an international scale, as international ministries have different information values. This allows for branches to upload reports easier, and for head office to always have their finger on the pulse of the organization.

One Database

Ministries usually use too many different systems which causes massive inefficiencies by not sharing data, and for multiple campuses, information is not consistent. Our Church management system allows a more cost effective solution for both sharing of data, and use by many campuses.

Jesus was clear about His assignment here on earth, and He constantly developed the most efficient way to execute it; referring to groups of hundred and fifty when he fed the five thousand, sending out the disciples two by two, telling his disciples which areas to go to first within the Great Commission etc. Using efficient software will allow a ministry to do the greater works Jesus spoke about.

Your Turn.

What ministry challenges do you come across that we maybe have not mentioned above?

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