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IMG_9095Having written a book and self published it in 2007, I started blogging and teaching people how to do the same. The blog ranked #75,000 in traffic in the world at one point and became a multi-author blog in 10 months of existence. I had 10 professionals from different self publishing disciplines writing for the blog and it won an award for best publishing blog in 2011.

I have been first partaker in dynamic social media platforms and this is where I have honed my skills. I started my own digital marketing agency in 2010, working in the professional/business and corporate arena for pharmaceutical companies. In 2014 I changed my business from an agency model to a coaching business, because I believed that if I did the work for you, your voice gets lost along with it’s authenticity. This is where my second story comes in.

The book I wrote was for a group of young people I felt I had to leave a message behind to as I took on a new position as assistant Pastor. I ran a youth ministry I built from the ground up and lead them to fulfill most of the audio visual and media duties of the church. I built up extensive knowledge how media applies to ministry and how it can reach the people that the Pastor of a particular ministry is called to reach.

I went to Bible school at Rhema for their full 3 year program, and have a certificate for counseling. I believe it’s important for each ministry under the larger banner of that church needing to develop it’s own platform where they communicate to the people they are called to in the language they understand.

I realized everything in my adult life that I have done or experienced have led to the fulfillment of an effective service to pastors as their media coach. I am so confident of this, that I am prepared to make this bold statement:

There is nobody else in South Africa that has the combination of skills referring to ministry and media experience and is more equipped to do what I can do for Pastors and their ministries.

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