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Case Study: Dr. Frank A. Thomas and Increasing His Reach, Growing His Business and Speaking Engagements.

I understand people are very busy, but I would love for you to hear the amazing things we were able to get done for Dr. Frank A. Thomas, by Gods grace. I have recorded an audio of this article and have also recorded snippets of the media examples for you to listen if you want. Just press play below.

Before I get into the case study of this account, I want to make our interview available for you to look at, because it includes some of the story of us working together and focuses on my methods and some of the results we got. Keep in mind that this interview was done 3 months into the relationship.

My relationship with Dr. Frank A Thomas started when I got introduced to him through a client I was working with at the time. We met in boardroom one day and I had the honor of talking him through the opportunities there are on his platform. During this presentation, I shared with him some communication strategies to build deeper relationship with his prospective audience, content I thought he would be great at creating and what his audience would find valuable.

We spent the next couple months working from 2 of his latest books and created content that we would produce within a couple days of content production which included; videos (which we converted into other formats), photography sessions and content development.

3 months after we met, he flew from Indianapolis to South Africa to spent time working with me and my team.

The Content strategy.

Our strategy at the time was to create as much visibility for Dr. Frank A. Thomas as we possibly could. To achieve this we created titles from two different books he had recently published and reverse engineered the interested garnered from the different sections.

Each title would solve a problem or a pain that would be identified in the content or would provide value to the audience. I usually only plan content out for 3 months, but in this case, we planned an entire years content out, because of the distance between us. We planned to record 2 series of videos which would be published consistently at the same time very week. Within these playlists, we identified titles for 96 different videos in each series which totalled 193 videos published in one year. And we did some extra ones too.

The videos we produced weren’t the only videos that were on the platform, but we included Periscope into our strategy of lived video creation very early in our relationship. This served us very well in building an audience we can give value to on a fairly new platform very early in our campaign.

Periscope leveraged off the already responsive audience that was prevalent on Twitter.


Making the most of his content.

To get the most out of time we spent with Dr. Frank A. Thomas, we converted his video into audio and even drew some quotes from the content we then used on quote cards. To this day we as a team are able to get 3 months worth of content across 5 or so different platforms from one day’s video shoot.

With this account we produced a year’s worth of content in 4 days that included challenges like rain and thunder.

Maximum content distribution.

We had a vast strategy to give his content as much visibility leveraging off of a platform that he has already built, with an existing audience that was just underutilized.

Videos were distributed onto 2 platforms, namely Facebook, using native video publishing as a strategy to connect with the audience that he had on the platform, and then Youtube, where there was an audience, but with a consistent publishing schedule and careful channel engineering, we were able to maximize his reach and later realized that, besides moderate video results, that we should include webinars and live video streaming on his channel with which we got great results.

Every video was converted to audio with proper programming techniques to assist with program and brand identity and growing the platform that already existed. These audio files were then uploaded to Soundcloud on which he already had an audience, to which he uploaded his sermons as well. We grew it by uploading shorter audio clips that provides value and also using a consistent posting strategy.

Unlike our usual method, where we extract quotes from videos we have done, Dr. Thomas provided us with quotes from his books that we then utilized and made quote cards from. These quote cards were topical and aligned with the videos in each series we produced and were posted in support of the video content.

What was the results?

I don’t personally consider Facebook likes as a metric of success, but the following results really impressed us, so much so that we this as our flagship platform.

With a niche like preaching, we amassed 8000 views on one of his videos on Facebook, 1900 view on an impromptu webinar we did without promotion, increased the viewership of his catalogue material and grew his subscriber base from 190 to 1000 in a year.

His Facebook audience grew in the thousands, organically, and his quote cards regularly received interest for him to be preachers’ coach (which was part of the objective) up to 40 at a time and we launched an online course developed from material we produced together. Besides the above Dr Frank Thomas, who was already a sought after preacher, increased his visibility and influence and got booked for more speaking dates.

Besides the above results, he also got a portion of his investment back through the sales we were able to generate.


Ivin has great wisdom and expertise and helped me to broaden my content to a global audience. His experience and insight was invaluable to the creation and execution of my platform. I highly recommend him to the global audience. He is social media genius

Your Turn.

Do you have a question about any of the things I have spoken of. I would love to go deeper into anything above it would provide value to any ministry.

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