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7 Things Ministries Should NOT to do on Facebook

I have been serving pastors and ministries for a while, as a media coach. One of my primary function is teaching them how to use Facebook. I was one of the very first partakers of Facebook, back in 2004. I started helping ministries to market, by creating quote cards (an optimal size graphically designed image imprinted with the words of something important someone has said on it), comics and something called the Online Missions Week, where myself and some other colleagues created content, to be given to others to distribute on their platforms online. This was in competition with MySpace back then, of course things have changed now.

During my time in ministry, I have noticed some things that Pastors/Ministries do wrong on Facebook

#1: Not Having A Profile Picture.

There are two strategies here.

  1. Use a picture of yourself. (This creates trust).
  2. Use a picture of you, with your wife or your family. (This will also help to state your marital status).

Do not use an Avatar, use your own profile picture.¬†Make sure it’s a nice full frame picture.

#2: Don’t Inbox People Promotional Material.

Let’s flip this around. How do you feel when people spam you in your inbox with promotional material?

#3: Don’t Just Advertise.

People want to see that you’ve spent time on your platform, and that you’ve cultivated community. If you haven’t done this people will not pay attention to you. Rather than spend 12 hours on an ad, spend 12 hours creating micro pieces of content and distributing them evenly.

#4: Don’t Use Inappropriate Language

I think this is a given rule with us Pastors. Don’t use foul language. Don’t use other inappropriate language either, like calling women ‘darling’, ‘sweetie’ etc if you’re a married man.

#5: Don’t be Divisive or Polarizing.

Jesus taught us to love. It is our call to unite people, and show the best in them. Badmouthing, pastors and ministries not only shows challenges in our characters, but loses us followers as well.

#6: Be Careful What You Post & Share.

Doing, both of these wrongly could damage your reputation and land you in trouble. Make sure your content is always edifying, exhorting and bringing glory to God. Your posts & shares should also be conducive to your brand and message. If you want to someone to see something, you think they should see..share it with them in messenger – there’s a function at the bottom of each post that allows this.

#7: Don’t Sell Business or Products that aren’t Related to Ministry.

This is one of my personal opinions, but I think that promoting products other than are what are in your ministry ie perfume helps people to believe that you don’t have the faith to be where you stand.¬† Promoting ministry partnerships is okay.

Over to You.

Name some of the things that are effective for Pastors or Ministries to do on Facebook?

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