Ivin’s Official ‘Surviving The Blog’ Contest Entry.

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Hello everyone. I’m very excited to announce that I’m entering the Survive the Blog contest. Not knowing exactly how everything works half the time and taking a long time to figure things out properly (after which I usually have it all down pat. Better getting it right than doing it halfway eh?), this is what I understand will happen.

  • From the entrants, 10 bloggers will be chosen to join. The criteria is stiff as you have to share etc and seems it may depend on your reach. Having said that I have compensated for that. More below!
  • The ten chosen bloggers will be divided into 5 team members each and will receive a blog to work on.
  • The contest will run for ten weeks (because of ten bloggers, dunno…).
  • Each week the lowest ranking blog will be the losers and will have to vote off a member of their team, reducing the teams effectiveness and reach (and more work for the others).
  • The last blogger standing will receive the blog they worked on to keep and win big wad of prize cash (and probably some other stuff).

Why do I want to enter?

Well, the official statement is below, but between you and me, I’m doing it for selfish reasons (shhh).

  • I’m launching a new blogsite (this one!), and having my entry pasted onto the WBB blog is a good, valuable start to the blog.
  • I want my face all over the blogosphere. I’ve been managing to have a fair bit of success with this through vlogging on my flagship blog and mainatining the same standard (maybe even better) on blogs I guest post on.
  • I’ll be using my influence and blogging power, not only to promote my new blog (as mentioned above), but also the amazing social blogging platform Blogengage (which I adopted at the beginning of the month as one of my many projects).
  • I love blogging and if I can hone my skills on a project like this – all the better.

To the official statements.

Why should I be considered to enter the competition?

Well, as per the video above, the reasons are (and not intending to brag here). I was fortunate enough to grow my blog:

  • To have an Alexa rank +- 80,000.
  • A PR rating of 4.
  • Multi authors writing for my blog ( and hopefully they’re happy – (I think they are?).

I’ve managed to do this in just about ten months.

Other reasons why I should be considered?

  • I’m hungry for success.
  • Everyone knows my slogan in business: ‘You gotta hustle to make your dreams happen!’
  • Professionalism, a strong work ethic, and a thorough knowledge of WordPress and social media.
  • I am 100% a team player.

I’ve been a fan and LOVED Survivor since its inception, so I came up with some additional ideas to promote the contest while it’s happening (this is what I meant earlier when I mentioned any shortfall I may have).

  • To add to the reality feel this contest should have, I will be vlogging throughout the entire competition. And these vlogs are not going to be as sparkly and HD as my usual videos. Nope, their going to be grimy and gritty. You’ll see my hair twined in frustration, bags and rings under my eyes, my tired face etc. Real reality the way it should be portrayed (especially in this contest). I’m going to do record the vlog at the end of the day, to make it really grimy. Like it?
  • I’ve set up a Twitter account specifically for this contest. To this account will be fed the We Blog Better Blog, the competition blog I’ll be part of (if I’m accepted of course) and the vlog itself (It already has +-91 followers

Big ups to Keisha and the team from WBB for coming up with a refreshing and original contest that I think will change the face of blogging and blogging contests forever.

TO THE SPONSORS! (please check my greeting at the end?)

Platinum Level:

Ileane – Blogging Tips

Thesis Skinsby ThesisAwesome.com

Learn How to blogat FamousBloggers.net

Duct tape SEOWordPress SEO

Brian Clark – CopyBlogger.com

Hector Cuevas – Blog Marketing Tips

Jane Sheeba – Successful Blogging

Bryan – Host with Support

Brian – Blog Engage

Devesh – Blokube

Ana Hoffman – Internet Marketing Tools

Andy Bailey – CommentLuv

Gold Level:

Marcko – The Traffic Blogger

Silver Level:

Mike Jackness – Best Online Storage

Basic Level:

Aidy – Writing

David Leonhardt – Blog Writer

FansBridge.com – How to Market on Facebook

Sonny – Best WordPress Themes

Jacob Share – Group Writing Projects

John Border – Learn how to invest

Customer Paradigm – Magento Developer

Wilderness Aware Rafting – Colorado White Water Rafting

 Your Turn

What do you think of my reasons for entering? And the reasons why I should be considered a contestant? Are they legitimate? Self centered? Those of you who know me, do you think I’ll cut it? Do you like my vlog idea? (I think it’s cool, if I must say so myself). Please share this post EVERYWHERE?

What can you expect from my new blog?

[Hold onto your seats].

  • I will be giving away free stuff in the first month of this blogs existence. Almost daily. These will not be your normal run-off-the-mill crap you get from free sites. This will be top and prime quality online marketing/blogging and business development ebooks, software, scripts and products. Don’t miss out on these. Better sign up for my blog feed and watch for my updates. Check out Blogengage for new posts or however the hell you can TRY and keep up. Your head will spin.
  • Ever wanted to know your favorite bloggers better? I am working on securing audio podcast interviews with some of my best friends and acquaintances who I will interview, like: Asking Kristy Hines about the current social media war and what that means for bloggers. Asking Brian Belfit how the hell he got his site an Alexa rank of +- 7000 (Global?). Asking Hesham where he started with his little Thesis empire and what can we look forward to in the future. Asking Stephane ‘Dukeo’ Kerwer how the hell he thought of marketing his blog with caricatures and give us some tips o0n how to approach the big dogs. Asking Zac Johnson how he find time for niche sites, flipping websites and managing several authority blogs on blogging. Do you know what Wong ‘BadBlogger’ and ExtremeJohn have in common that causes their success and do you have the balls to do the same? Don’t you want to know all these things? I do, and I’m gonna find it all out for you.

How will you know when I have a new giveaway?

Well, you can check here everyday, you could sign up for my blog feed or you could sign up below (for instant notification – of course)

 Let me get you ‘in’ on the list.


Those are just two of the TONS of ideas I have to give you, my (fans?) the utmost value and make sure you never leave here again (or have a leave of absence).

Click here to hire me.


Want your own blog? Here’s 3 free setup videos.

Go hustle and make your dreams happen!

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19 Responses to “Ivin’s Official ‘Surviving The Blog’ Contest Entry.”

  1. Kiesha
    Twitter: weblogbetter

    22. Sep, 2011

    Hi Ivin!
    What an awesome way to enter this contest! It’s an honor to have you be a part of this! And you drive a hard bargain – I mean really! The thought of getting an opportunity to watch some of your proposed “REAL” videos is very persuasive to say the least! I’m excited just thinking about how all of this will unfold!
    Kiesha recently posted..You’ll Kick Yourself for Failing to Do this One Thing…My Profile

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  2. Gail Gardner
    Twitter: GrowMap

    23. Sep, 2011

    It sounds like you’re bound to get picked since you’ve upped the ante with your vlogging challenge.
    Gail Gardner recently posted..Blogging Collaborations and Best PracticesMy Profile

    Reply to this comment
  3. James

    23. Sep, 2011

    hey Ivin Great to see you entering the contest. personally, I have too many irons in the fire right now to join you, but I will be watching it closely.
    James recently posted..FaceBook Timelines- Awesome or Awefull?My Profile

    Reply to this comment
    • Ivin Viljoen

      Twitter: ivinviljoen

      24. Sep, 2011

      Also have a lot of irons in the fire, but I have to make this work. Keep a watch here, I’ll be giving away TOs of stuff for the launch of the blog throughout October. Hope you enjoy it.

      Reply to this comment
  4. Anthony Smits
    Twitter: AnthonySmits

    24. Sep, 2011

    Hey Ivin,
    Well done on entering; you’ve set out an amazing patch.

    Good on you for all those initiatives; good luck on being selected.
    Anthony Smits recently posted..We the Bloggers have the Write to Bare Words.My Profile

    Reply to this comment
    • Ivin Viljoen

      Twitter: ivinviljoen

      24. Sep, 2011

      Yeah Ant, I saw you entry… Will be awesome to work with you (if we team up), hope I make it in :)

      Reply to this comment
  5. Neeraj Sachdeva
    Twitter: TheFreelancerD

    24. Sep, 2011

    Good luck Ivin, love the enthusiasm mate!
    P.S: That small bookshelf looks rather empty :)
    Neeraj Sachdeva recently posted..What is ManicTime and Why am I Using It?My Profile

    Reply to this comment
    • Ivin Viljoen

      Twitter: ivinviljoen

      24. Sep, 2011

      Hello Neeraj. Yeah, I wondered when soemone’s gonna catch onto that. These are my new offices, and that is the room with the best light for my videos. So, I took a few books from another office so it looks like something. Perhaps I should bring some book for that shelf?

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  6. Faissal Alhaithami
    Twitter: faissalhaithami

    24. Sep, 2011

    ALL THE BEST IVIN, I have voted for you!!
    and I hope you’ll be one of the contest participants.
    Faissal Alhaithami recently posted..best 6 free facebook iFrame tab apps with fan gate featureMy Profile

    Reply to this comment
    • Ivin Viljoen

      Twitter: ivinviljoen

      24. Sep, 2011

      I hope so too Faissal. I appreciate your continued support over the last few months. I’ll appreciate your support in my new ventures and this competition too!

      Reply to this comment
  7. Mitchell Allen
    Twitter: Anklebuster

    25. Sep, 2011

    Ivin, what a cool entry! You’re definitely someone to have on a team.

    I think your reason for entering are perfectly aligned with the energy you bring to everything I’ve seen you do online.

    Good luck with your new blog and on getting selected!


    Mitchell Allen recently posted..I Was a Teen-aged Mutant EmailerMy Profile

    Reply to this comment
  8. Larry Lourcey

    26. Sep, 2011

    Hey Ivan- great idea with the video entry. Why didn’t I think of that?!
    Best of luck in the contest!

    Larry Lourcey recently posted..Can I Survive The Blog?My Profile

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