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7 Reasons Why Every Pastor Should Have a Podcast

Podcasts is a very powerful medium to use for Pastors and ministries. It has recently re-emerged as a top media channel to use to communicate with a community.

Please find below the 7 reasons why a Pastor should have as podcast.

It’s a way for you to give your gift to the world.

The way that people get blessed is that people walk away with something to take action on right at that moment and a relationship of value is established. People tend to be able to walk away, take action and have results afterward.

It’s distributed immediately (in most cases).

A properly promoted podcast will send out notifications immediately which is great when you want to relay time-sensitive information.

It’s a great way to build influence.

This is established by helping people grow and making them successful, leading better lives, be more productive. The best value comes from giving from your experience.

It builds accountability towards yourself.

It’s important to have a schedule. Commit to post up a podcast once a week. The consistency is a great way to build an audience. The consistency also builds your credibility.

The person who works the hardest will have the better platform.

If you have a lot to give, do one podcast a day. If you have less than that to give (or time), then do 3 podcasts a week. If that’s not possible do a podcasts once a week, preferably on the same day so people know what to expect from you and when.

Develop an instant audience.

The best way to build an audience is to get people to take action when you have a lot of people in front of you. Let’s suppose you’re in a service and you have the floor, what you need to do is ask everyone to download whatever app you want to connect with them on and ask them to connect. The trick here then is engagement. You need to provide value on a consistent basis.

Having a podcast is scalable.

Through podcasting you could reach people in other countries and get out of the ‘local’ Church’ mindset. This will allow you to increase your influence and reach.

Back to you.

Who’s podcast do you listen to? I’d like to go see what you like?

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