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3 Ways Intoweb Ministries can Empower your Ministry to Reach the Souls you’re Called to AND Effectively Care for them.

We have recently officiated a ministry 20 years in the making. My partner Darren Harris have been creating software to assist corporate companies from 20 years ago, which is where our story begins. 2 years ago, God called him to make everything he has created thus far available to the Body of Christ.

This is where I enter and my story starts. God have been taking me on a path too. Mine started in 2010 when I was ‘forced’ to start my company and established a digital agency. I did that for 4 or so years and in 2014 changed my business model from agency to coaching. The reason was that I was of the opinion I would be giving my clients more value when I am able to leave them with the key skills to do what they need to do when our paths separate.

In 2015 I started working with churches specifically, and coached them how to do what we have been doing as an agency for the last 5 years. I focused primarily on the main Church but quickly found myself working with different ministry departments as well; like the women’s ministry, youth ministry and the social wings. I was successful here because I had 12 years experience in ministry, along with my digital experience.

You can find more details of my #MinistryMedia story here on Facebook.

Intoweb Ministries is born!

A year or so ago, I was at a networking meeting at one of the chapters I oversee, and Darren sat me down and said I am not paying attention to the potential in synergy between us.

It’s at this time we started engaging around the possibility of ministry together. The reason why he thought it was a good idea was because we both had a good network of ministry’s we have worked with as well as a lot of experience working with them.

We both committed it to prayer and I started having meetings around this. We eventually started working with each others clients and doing presentations together and in August of 2017, Intoweb Ministries was born.

An incredible Ministry Media Journey!

As mentioned above, I started my journey in 2015 where I served the first Pastor for approximately a year and I was honored to work with his entire team. The favor of God was so great (and many times is) that I am given an office in the ministry building.

I created a podcast 3 years ago speaking of different trends and methods to use digital media to create a community and increase brand awareness. Today I have produced 109 episodes where I try to provide value to the listener with every post.

Please feel free to listen to some topics in the playlist below.

Following below then are 3 ways we can help you reach more souls and care better for them.

#1 #MinistryMedia Increases a Ministry’s Visibility and Influence.

When I approach a project with a ministry we look at the message of the ministry and identify at least 2 different disciplines the ministry is strong on and create a full digital serialized content strategy for both.

We are able to book out only one full day with a client for media production and get 3-5 kinds of content distributed on a potential of 5 different distribution channels. When we wrap up production on the day, my team’s work is not done, because then we go into post-production.

Our team works together like a well oiled machine and produces world class content that our clients fly from the USA for to work with us. This happens several times a year. Let’s review the types of content we can get out of one day’s production:


There are many elements to a successful video (campaign) which includes an intro or title sequence, the video itself with a carefully planned out delivery method, a strong call-to-action toward your objective, a well crafted thumbnail, a well thought out distribution channel/strategy, tags, titles and post schedule and timing.

For an example of some of my work, see the video below.


We would essentially take the video content we created and simply convert it to MP3 and upload it to our preferred podcasting platform. Elements making it a success is:

  • The branding elements mentioned above relating to video.
  • Creating playlists.
  • Resizing the thumbnail.
  • Promoting your account when you speak or have an audience before you.

See an example of a podcast in it’s entirety below.

Quote Cards.

I am very fortunate to have picked up this medium from my mentor, learned its use and perfected it’s delivery throughout the last 3 or so years. This is a an incredible, low cost tool to increase your influence and create something that is share-worthy.The elements that are important for this to be successful is a professional photoshoot, quotes from the person whose platform it is, a graphic designed template according to the branding and CI of the platform and a platform manager.

You can see a good example below:

We have a more detailed case study for you to read here.

#2 Software Eradicates a Ministry being Busy and Distracted.

Our passion is empowering ministries to be more effective. Our software is a complete digital solution for all functions that are important for managing your ministry. Churches of all sizes can expect to take advantage of the features available within the Intoweb Ministries Martha Software Suite.

Our foundation is drawn from the portion of Scripture found in Luke 10:38-42. Jesus visits Mary, and Martha complains about Mary not helping with the chores. Verse 40-42 shows us that Martha was busy and distracted, consumed with the chores she was doing. Jesus then replied to Martha that ‘Mary has chosen to focus on the good part’.

We would like to alleviate ministries from being too busy and distracted, and focus on the good part. The Martha Software Suite consists of 4 main product offerings:

  • Bible School Management

Intoweb Ministries Learner Management Systems features a College version and Corporate version, enabling management of all students or employees in their learning journey through various academic or corporate programmes.

The College version manages all students demographic and the online registration process. Using various different modules, Intoweb ministries can provide a customised Learner Management system tailored to a ministry’s exact needs, which include courses, finances, and registrations.

The Corporate version allows for importing of employees and linking them to an eLearning programme or induction. Employees can request for courses and access a library of eLearning material.

  • Human Resources

Intoweb Ministries HR modules allow employees to update their details with a self service HR platform, apply for leave and see leave status, complete their appraisal forms and get feedback, see their skills development plan and access online learning and induction courses, access policies and procedures and digitally sign acceptance thereof.

In addition assess employees competencies and find skill gaps and implement step up projects, booking of resources like boardrooms, keep tabs on employee attendance, which integrated with leave can inform employees to fill out leave forms for days without attendance and help management keep control over attendance, develop employee personal development plans and link in with the Learner Management modules, manage internal recruitment and automatically publish to your website and build your own database of candidates and manage their applications, and record employee incidents and disciplinary process.

  • Intranet Modules

Intoweb Ministries Intranet and Extranet systems allow for efficient management of company information and processes. The Intranet solutions are customisable to suit clients exact Management needs.

The Intranet Software allows a company to show CEO messages, news, notices, polls, departmental information, and any other information. A searchable knowledge management system allows for efficient finding of information and finding people to answer employees questions.

The system can handle incoming requests, online forms and complex process flows including integration to other systems, calendaring, bookings, generating emails, generating PDF documents, quotations, invoices, document verifications, meetings preparation, and a lot more. Facebook type forums provides the latest in collaborative thinking software to get the most out of your employees.

The modules found in the Intranet System includes the following:

  • Financial Systems

Intoweb Ministries online financial modules allows the whole company to easily participate in financial operations, such as a request for procurement, or creation of requisitions, or processing of claims. The financial department can then effectively communicate with the rest of the company and keep each department informed of all requests via their process and status.

Convert your paper based and Excel based financial activities to a more efficient Intranet platform. Time savings can be massive and process flow management ensure quality, retaining data integrity and complete audit trails

  • Member Management

The Member Management module gives you access to your members’ database and empowers ministries to effectively communicate and care for their members.  The module gives access to emailing and sending sms to members on all  events that the church may have. Members also have authorised access to certain documentation.

For more on the 8 Admin and Time-Management Ministry Challenges that Software Solves, read more on it by clicking the link or listen to the podcast below.

#3 Leadership Encounters that lets Ministry Leaders Lead from Inside Out, instead of Outside In.

We have recently partnered with an International organization called Lead like Jesus, and equipped ourselves to become facilitators to present their extremely powerful Encounter programs.

There have been 20,000 books written on the subject of leadership. There are countless leadership training programs offered; yet they fail at one thing. They fail to produce good leaders. Why? Because they focus on the wrong thing! Most of the leadership programs target tactical change, building skills, improving management competencies, yet they fail to focus on the number one leadership issue – The Leader.

A Lead like Jesus experience is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in a leader’s personal journey in becoming a Jesus-like leader.

As an organization, Lead like Jesus believes the following:

  • Jesus is the greatest leadership role model of all time.
  • Leadership happens anytime we influence the thinking, behavior, or development of another person.
  • Effective leadership begins on the inside with a heart deeply connected to the Father.
  • Servant leadership is the only approach to leadership Jesus validates for His followers.

There are lots of choices when it comes to leadership, but LLJ believes its place on the leadership landscape is the heart of a leader. When a leader is transformed; churches, families, organizations, communities are changed.

During this experience, we focus on you. We will not merely focus on adjusting a few of your leadership habits. We will not present you with another leadership process. We will deliver to you the best and most powerful leader model that focuses on four critical areas:

  • YOUR HEART. WHY you lead.
  • YOUR HEAD. WHAT you think.
  • YOUR HANDS. WHAT you do.
  • YOUR HABITS. HOW you stay on track.

We are very excited to have answered God’s call and having been equipped over time with the skills and talents above to empower the Body of Christ with what is a very unique ministry.

Feel free to contact me to initiate a conversation around the value Intoweb Ministries can provide you and your ministry.
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