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4 Ways a Pastor could reach Specific Demographics w/ Time Sensitive Messages in Real Time


Every Pastor has something important on their heart they want to share. In this podcast I will share with you the four keys that will enable you to share that that (quickly) and ‘en masse.

Whatsapp Groups.

Whatsapp Groups groups are a great way to communicate to a large focus group of people, intimately and quickly. Through this you will position yourself as a pastor and one that cares. Whatsapp groups are for a targeted demographic of people.

Facebook Messenger.

Like Whatsapp, Facebook also has a messenger function and with this tool yYou can add groups here too. It is great because it can be downloaded to your phone (with instant notification) and uses less data that Whatsapp. Remember to add info to the group tag before you create the group, so as to build your retention percentage of recipients. Also, everybody uses Facebook, so it’s works really well.

Another great thing about Facebook is that you don’t have to have everybody’s personal no’s in order to communicate with them.


Being able to build lists, use hashtags and handles, is not only a really fun way to communicate but also incredibly effective.


Of all four platforms, this is probably my most recommended and favorite platform. Not only, like the other platforms do the notifications come through ‘live’ to your app, but unlike Itunes it is not limited to Apple users. Also, unlike Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter where people can ‘unfollow’ you if someone follows you on Soundcloud they most probably want to be there. You can also post messages-lengths to your hearts content. Unfortunately, this platform is overlooked and vastly under-utilized by many pastors in the ministry today.

Over To You.

Did you enjoy this Podcast? Do you know of any other platforms that provide live notifications to your phone at a moment’s instance?

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