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What I Think of Facebook’s New Reactions

In this podcast I will talk about about Facebook’s new emoji’s.

6 Emoji’s.

Facebook last week announced that they released 6 new emoji’s (that you can see if you hover over the Like function) that you can use, when responding to a post. I think that this was a waste of time and capital. How do these emoji’s add any value, to the Facebook user? Or contribute to their experience of Facebook, alike.

Reasons Why I Dislike Them.

The Like has always been a lazy way to respond.

Let me speak for a minute about the effort me, and my clients (as Pastors) put into creating our content

Images: when an image is utilized, we upload it into an App, create text and overlay it, use filters and hashtags, all of the Facebook functionalities. This takes about 5-10 minutes.

Then you go and slap a ‘like’ onto it?

If you find value in someones post, comment or share it.

A like doesn’t mean anything.

A like shouldn’t be a measure of a successful post.

Why do we want successful posts?

Because a successful post will give you visibility.

Did you know that Facebook doesn’t show all of your friends and all of the people that like your content all of your content all the time? They look at the value of your platform and show 30-50% of your content. This is why we have the Ad function?

How is Value Measured?

If you comment on my platform. If you find value in my post, comment on it. don’t just ‘like’ or ‘love’ it, leave your opinion. Whether it be agreed, with mine or not type a good 30 – 60 characters and leave your mark. Don’t type an a 1000 word essay.

If you share my post, that is super valuable to me.

Shared posts are also great for Marketing value.

How Would I Spend A Million Dollars?

A big flashy border. If your post received admirable comments and shares, I would put a medium border around it. If it received, crazy, wild comments and shares I would put a big, massive attention-seeking border around it. This is how I would reward the people who are really giving value on Facebook. Facebook has an algorithm, it takes all the likes, shares and comments a Facebook posts produces and collects them in order to decide how valuable that post is, and then shows that to the people. This is not  how I would do it. I would increase the measure, of the thick noticeable border around the post, the more it is commented on and shared and when it goes really viral I would make it flash.

Let’s be honest. If you look at a post do you really see how many comments it has gauged, unless you look specifically for that?

So, you decide whether you share this post or comment on it?

Over to You?

What is the most any post of yours has ever been shared or commented on?

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