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Why I am Happy about 1 Twitter Follower: Including my Growth Strategy

I am happy with 1 Twitter follower? Yes, and in this Podcast I will tell you why. I will also share with you my growth strategy for any pastor who is a newcomer to Twitter.

Authentic Follower.

I just got my first real authentic targeted twitter follower. I am not implementing any strategies that would speed up the momentum. I am not putting up any content that is spammy or ‘salesy’. I am putting out targeted content that gives value and breeds association. And it’s getting me results.I am okay with losing 10 or 100 followers because my strategy has changed, I’m more niche focused. I am gaining targeted followers.


Searching out keywords that are related to my targeted audience. And discussions around them. On Twitter, there’s a button on the bottom of a tweet called ‘View Conversation’. If there’s other Tweets in the thread i can see all of them, jump in on the conversation and add value and make myself visible.

Know What Your Objective Is?

What do you want to achieve? Do you want to sell books? Do you want to minister (perhaps to a certain people in a location or by leadership to other Pastors?) On top of your interactions put out quote cards, voice notes, 30 sec videos. Never just push advertising to sell your products or get people to follow you, especially on Twitter. Twitter is the barbecue of Social Media. If you’re at a barbecue there are 5 different conversations going, and you can insert yourself into any one of those and add value. That is how Twitter works. And that is how you can insert yourself inside conversations and topics that already exist that are going to benefit you in the long run.

Another thing that really works on Twitter, is to open a Periscope and connect it to your Twitter.

Build Targeted Lists.

You should follow 1-10% of the people that follow you. This is a healthy following ratio. If you follow too many people, you’re not going to see all their tweets. The people you follow should be people whose content you value and who influence you. The rest of the people I build lists for. I go and interact with these lists, everyday. That’s how i gain visibility. That’s how I position myself as an expert in my field.

Scan the Trends.

The trends are the hashtags in the sidebar. Go and scan them, and see if you can add any value you to them? You can also create content using trending hashtags. Download a picture, and paste some text on using the trending hashtag.sometimes your tweet will take a little extra time and effort to create, but by doing this you will add extra value and create extra visibility for your account.

Don’t ever use your social media account to your products, events or your presence out there. You have to give value to your audience, engage with your audience and pull them in. that’s the only way that you’re going to implement a growth strategy successfully.

That’s basically it. I’m very excited about that one follower, i’m sure if I look I’ll have a few more, and I’m happy about that. It means my strategy is working.

So, what does this mean for the ROI? It means clients. I’ve been getting an ROI this way. I’ve been getting sponsorships. I’ve been getting clients. I have an online web show. I’m on a hundred subscribers already, regarding that one. I may only have 770 subscribers on my Twitter account regarding that show, but those are die-hard fans. Make sure that your account is healthy, interactive and that it’s responsive.

Bottom line: the only way you’re going to get anything, is to give anything first. Make sure that your presence online is valuable to others.

Over to You?

Do you have any tips to grow a Twitter account?

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