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Why I’m Losing Twitter Followers?

In this podcast I share with you three important reasons why I’m losing Twitter followers, and why that’s okay?

My audience is completely different

Which means I’m creating different content? Even though the level of content is brilliant, and provides much value, the focus of the content has changed. Which means my audience is going to vary.

A regression on the platform

My existing follower-base is still the same, but I’m posting new content. Its brilliant content. But my audience doesn’t want to hear it anymore. This means that I’m going to lose a large amount of followers quickly, while I gain an amount of new followers slowly. Thus it leaves a time period for a gap, a regression.


When one target audience, is changed for another there will invariably be offense. Not everybody will hold the same opinion. Now that my target audience has changed, it is not possible for me to be completely accommodating of my previous target audience. I must post messages that prove to be of value directed towards my new target audience. This will undoubtedly result in offense, much of the time. Which will result in loss of following.

Over to You?

Did you enjoy this Podcast? Can you think of any other reasons one might lose followers on Twitter?

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